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Day One Summary of Palooza 2024 | Connected Healthcare

Palooza 2024 | Connected Healthcare kicked off with a powerful lineup of main stage speakers – RLDatix CEO Jeff Surges, Ambassador Sullenberger, former chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, Chris Hart and patient safety advocate, Carole Hemmelgarn – who explored parallels between the healthcare and aviation industries, as well as the critical need for greater communication and collaboration to advance patient safety progress.

Jeff Surges opened the show exploring the future of connected healthcare operations with RLDatix and its role in delivering safer care and improved outcomes.

“Our goal is to connect disparate information and bring it together, actioning the data in real time, and ensuring all data is in one place,” Surges said. “It’s about you: connecting you and connecting healthcare operations for a safer ecosystem.”

During his talk, Surges brought several patient safety champions onto the stage to share their perspectives, including Ailish Wilkie, Director of Patient Safety and Risk Management at Atrius Health.

Wilkie continued to drive home potential learnings from aviation, highlighting that, “despite the high number of deaths associated with medical error, we don’t hear about them the way we do a plane crash. We need to take a page from the aviation playbook — speaking up and increasing reporting to be able to learn quickly from one another.”

Surges also welcomed Dr. Vincent Sevier, Chief Medical Officer at Methodist Hospitals, to the stage, where he spoke to the need for more connected systems, as well as solutions that can support more reliable and effective practices.

“When flying, it’s imperative that passengers are confident that they’ll arrive safely – the same is true of our patients,” Sevier said. “RLDatix has been a good co-pilot and helped to ensure we can get the right people in the right place at the right time. That’s the future of CHO.”

Drawing further parallels with the aviation industry, Ambassador Sullenberger shared the story of the 208 seconds that put his entire career on the line and underscored the value of learning from safety events.

He said: “It’s afterward that the learning really occurs. In brutally honest exchanges, we talk about what worked, what didn’t and what we can do next time.”

In a discussion between Dr. Tim McDonald, RLDatix Chief Patient Safety & Risk Officer, and Chris Hart, former chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, the two explored how professionals who make difficult decisions in high-risk situations can eliminate “error traps” by collaborating across the continuum of care.

Underscoring the value of cultural transformation, Hart said, “End users need to be involved in developing the system” to maximize the likelihood of dedicated professionals doing the right thing the first time.

Hart pulled from his work within the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) to detail a comprehensive roadmap to make the healthcare landscape safer for everyone.

Carole Hemmelgarn illuminated this path forward: “Healthcare isn’t just about the science. It’s about connecting heart and head and caring for patients and families,” she said.

She shared her story of losing her daughter lost to medical errors and the lack of transparency and communication that followed. An educator and advocate, Hemmelgarn stressed the importance of effectively engaging patients and families to create and sustain a culture of safety and continuous improvement throughout the healthcare industry.

“Carole’s personal story about the “why” was so moving. I’m grateful she shared her story and applied it in a meaningful way,” said Doug Coleman, Senior Program Manager at ChristianaCare and Palooza 2024 attendee.

Throughout the main stage session, attendees were empowered to explore cross-industry learnings, engage more effectively with patients and families and work toward a more connected future together.